19-23 Feb 2018 Villeurbanne (France)

Invited speakers

We are pleased to welcome the following speakers for the WAC worskshop. The abstracts of their talks can be found here.

Jason Bell (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Title : Automatic sets and additive bases

Emilie Charlier (University of Liege, Belgium)
Title : Nyldon words

Michael Coons (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Title : Automatic sequences and Mahler's measure

Gabriele Fici (University of Palermo, Italy)
Title : Anti-powers in words: a new notion of regularity based on diversity

Anna Frid (Aix-Marseille University, France)
Title : Ostrowski numeration and palindromes in Sturmian words

Stepan Holub (Charles University, Czech Republic)
Title : Algebraic approach to word equations

Sébastien Labbé (University of Bordeaux, France)
Title : On Jeandel-Rao aperiodic tilings

Jarkko Peltomaki (University of Turku, Finlande)
Title : Abelian Powers and Repetitions in Sturmian Words

Dominique Perrin (University of Marne la Vallée, France)
Title : Free profinite monoids

Narad Rampersad (University of Winnipeg, Canada)
Title : Critical exponent of balanced words

Michel Rigo (University of Liege, Belgium)
Title : Games and multidimensional shape-symmetric morphism

Jeffrey Shallit (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Title : Additive number theory and automata

Arseny Shur (Ural Federal University,Russia)
Title : On factor complexity of power-free words

Reem Yassawi  (Trent University, Canada)
Title : Recognizability for sequences of morphisms

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