19-23 Feb 2018 Villeurbanne (France)


The workshop will focus on combinatorics on words and its many interactions with other areas of mathematics and theoretical computer science. It will be held at University Lyon 1, during the week of February 19, 2018.

Combinatorics on Words is a field of mathematics devoted to the systematic study of properties of finite and infinite words. It constitutes an active branch of Discrete Mathematics with connections to different areas of mathematics, theoretical computer science (questions of decidability and complexity of formal languages, cryptography, algorithmics, data storage and retrieval), theoretical physics (structural properties of quasi-crystals, and the spectral analysis of discrete Schrödinger operators) and biology (genome and DNA sequencing, molecular biology and the study of stem cells). The intent of this workshop is to highlight different aspects of complexity of words including complexity of automatic and Sturmian words, S-adic systems and Rauzy fractals. We also intend to devote a substantial amount of time to collaborative work and discussions on open problems.

This conference is one of five scheduled events which will take place in Lyon in the framework of a thematic semester entitled "Graphs, groups and Dynamics" sponsored by the Milyon Labex and jointly coordinated between the mathematics and computer science departments of Université Lyon 1 and ENS-Lyon.

There is no workshop fee but you must register to attend the conference.

Scientific Committee

Dominique Perrin

Narad Rampersad

Michel Rigo

Jeffrey Shallit

Organizing comittee

Nathalie Aubrun

Eric Duchêne

Aline Parreau

Michael Rao

Luca Zamboni



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